About bCODA

Brand Story Innovation Lab

Blue Ocean

The vast, deep space full of wonders and potential.


A musical terminology that signals a return.


A newly launched, mash-up brand name from Locojoy international.

bCODA embodies our passionate drive toward creating new demand and value through innovative products.
It also serves as a constant reminder for us to look back on our humble beginnings. Embedded in the name is our commitment to accepting no complacency and mediocrity in any way, shape, or form.

Meaning of our logo

When we first set out to produce wireless accessory devices for mobile phones, our primary focus was placed on creating consumer value through innovative products, simple in user interface and experience, yet powerful in performance. As our product lineup diversified, however, we found ourselves fixated on adding more functionality and complexity to the existing products. It could not be further away from our true spirit. It was about time we looked back on ourselves and returned to our original initiative of creating new demand and value through innovation. We have thus launched our new brand, bCODA, and it is the epitome of staying true to our commitment.

At Locojoy international, innovation is in our DNA. With bCODA’s spirit as a beacon, we will not hesitate to go back to basics and spur innovation. It is our pledge to the consumers that bCODA’s products will be of the highest quality in consumer value, bar none.
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About Locojoy international., Inc

Since 2005, Locojoy international has successfully positioned itself in the global market as a leading ODM company in the industry of wireless accessory devices for mobile phones. A certain lineup of our Bluetooth devices is currently No. 1 in market share in North America.

With the advent of smartphones, the notion of accessories has long since surpassed the domain of commonplace products such as protective cases and films. In the time of excess smartphone accessories, Locojoy international aims to create new consumer demand and value with one-of-a-kind products. We are thoroughly committed to revving up our engine of innovation in the hopes that bCODA will one day be a household name for innovative consumer products.